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By Timothy Howe,Sabine Müller,Richard Stoneman,Sabine Muller,Honorary Research Fellow Richard Stoneman

within the old Greek-speaking global, writing concerning the previous intended balancing the reporting of evidence with shaping and guiding the political pursuits and behaviours of the current. historical Historiography on warfare and Empire exhibits the ways that the literary style of writing background constructed to steer empires via their wars. Taking key occasions from the Achaemenid Persian, Athenian, Macedonian and Roman ‘empires’, the 17 essays accumulated the following examine the way in which occasions and the debts of these occasions interact.  matters comprise: how Greek historians assign approximately divine honours to the Persian King; the position of the tomb cult of Cyrus the Founder in ancient narratives of conquest and empire from Herodotus to the Alexander historians; struggle and fiscal innovation within the age of Philip II and his son, Alexander the nice; the murders of Philip II, his final and 7th spouse Kleopatra, and her parent, Attalos; Alexander the Great’s wrestle use of eagle symbolism and divination; Plutarch’s juxtaposition of personality within the Alexander-Caesar pairing as a observation on political legitimacy and army prowess, and Roman Imperial historians utilizing old examples of excellent and undesirable rule to make significant demanding situations to present Roman authority. now and again, the stability shifts extra in the direction of the ‘literary’ and in others extra in the direction of the ‘historical’, yet what all the essays have in universal is either a severe consciousness to the style and context of history-writing within the historic international and its specialise in battle and empire.

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